Custom Dairy Seasoning

Our line of topical snack seasoning blends and dairy-based powders combines trending flavor combinations with cleaner label options. We are passionate about accommodating today’s consumer interest in better-for-you snacks.


Better for You – and the Consumer

Many of our snack seasonings can support organic, kosher, halal, non-GMO, reduced sodium, natural flavors and colors and other cleaner label claims, helping snack manufacturers deliver on these trends. Learn more about clean label declarations.


DairiConcepts’ technical and culinary team works with each customer to formulate topical snack seasoning powders tailored for all varieties of snack foods, including chips, crackers, nuts and extruded snacks.

We can help with application-specific development and testing services. For complete product specifications, minimum order quantities and packaging options, please call us at 1-877-596-4374 1-877-596-4374, or contact us online.

Taste a Flavor

We invite you to sample the quality and delicious flavor of your choice.