Dairy Flavors

DairiConcepts has broad knowledge of dairy DNA and extensive experience in deconstructing and constructing dairy flavor. We now add another tool in our arsenal to enable food manufacturers to achieve desired dairy flavor goals.


Our approach is consistently flexible and innovative. Our taste and flavor technologies are delivered across all food categories, including ready-made meals, frozen pizzas, soups and sauces, dips and dressings, snacks, bakery and more. We can also achieve a variety of desired clean label declarations.

True-to-taste flavor solutions

Coming from a long tradition of dairy ingredient solutions, we are well suited to achieve the complexities and nuances of true-to-taste natural dairy-type flavors.Our flavor portfolio can help you enhance your existing product lines and create new market opportunities. We start with the most popular dairy flavor profiles, like Cheddar (mild and aged), Parmesan, Nacho, Blue, Asiago, Dairy and Butter, and will continue to expand our list of flavor options.

Why favor our flavors?

Always natural ingredients,
never synthetic

Customizable to meet
your desired profile

Heighten the dairy flavor, taste
and aroma in your products

Long shelf life without

Mask off-note flavors

Meet a broad range of
clean label declarations


Ultimate Flexibility

We offer a range of flexible options for ordering, packaging and shipping for liquid (pail and drum) and dry (bag) formats. We can fulfill your requests for flavor samples, quickly and reliably.

Or, contact us to discuss customized flavor solutions.