Mac & Cheese

A savory and filling meal made richer with natural butter-type flavor.


Natural Dairy-Type Flavors are available in Liquid (15 kg pail, 50 kg drum, 55 gal drum) or Dry (50 lb. Bag or 110 lb. drum) formats.


Percentage Description
10.00% Coconut Oil
1.00% Salt
3.25% DairiConcepts AMPLIFI® Cheddar Concentrate, Boldest #920500058
3.00% Milk Protein Concentrate
7.00% Nonfat Dry Milk
4.00% Flour
1.50% Food Starch
0.50% DairiConcepts ASCENTRA® #36491
0.20% DairiConcepts Natural Butter-Type Flavor #141815
0.10% Annatto Extract
69.45% Water


  1. Mix coconut oil, salt, color, and AMPLIFI® in a sauce pan over medium heat until melted.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients in a separate bowl until no lumps exist.
  3. Blend water mixture into cheese mixture with an emulsion blender.
  4. Heat in sauce pan until thick or to 165°F.
  5. Mix 40% pasta with 60% sauce.

Benefits of Natural Dairy-Type Flavors

  • Ready to use
  • Natural ingredients, never synthetic
  • Heighten the dairy flavor, taste and aroma in your products
  • Customizable to meet your desired profile
  • Organic, Kosher, and non-GMO compliant selections available
  • Long shelf life without refrigeration (store at 60 – 80 degrees F for 12-month average shelf life)
  • Convenient handling and storage

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