ASCENTRA®-Optimized Processed Cheese

Flavor-boosted processed cheese with reduced sodium content.


ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer is available in 50-pound net, multiwall kraft paper bags with polyethylene liners and in customized packs.

Percentage Description
51.90% Cheddar Cheese
0.80% Cheddar EMC
0.70% Salt
12.30% Anhydrous Milkfat
3.65% Whey Powder
4.00% Milk Protein Concentrate
0.00% Sodium Citrate
0.00% Disodium Phosphate
0.60% ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer
2.00% Phosphate Blend, JOHA B50
0.25% Potassium Chloride
0.08% Color
3.72% Water

Benefits of ASCENTRA® Flavor Enhancer

  • Produces rich savory notes that enhance umami effects and meat, cheese and vegetable flavors
  • Clean label, gluten-free, no preservatives
  • Rich in potassium without potassium chloride (no metallic flavor notes)
  • Available on maltodextrin or nonfat dry milk carriers
  • Kosher, rBST-free and other certifiable versions available
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