2017 Trends

Minestrone SoupShoppers will want clean, adventurous, sustainable, enhanced convenient foods. DairiConcepts’ cheese- and dairy-based ingredients can meet demands for clean, organic, kosher, halal and vegetarian labels. Many are free from GMOs, rBST and gluten and can be made with natural colors and flavors.

Responsible Eating


Transparency, less invasive processing and cleaner formulations will deepen the clean label trend. More consumers will seek foods made with the lowest number of ingredients. Look for opportunities in products with no additives, preservatives or GMOs–as well as with organic ingredients.


With about a third of food wasted, companies are repurposing leftover ingredients. Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise is made from liquid drained off chickpeas. Creating watermelon rind pickles and chips and burgers made from discarded juice pulp are among the ways companies will use to capture profit from waste.


Products will promote the benefits of the plants added to them. Plant-based comfort foods are more tasty and creative than ever–even pizzas, burgers and burritos. Peas, corn, chickpeas, legumes and fungi are replacing meat. Trending plant foods include red kuri squash, imperfect produce, lovage, seaweed, micro greens and heirloom fruits and vegetables.

Flavor Adventures


Formulators will combine a few curry ingredients at a time to create new tastes, pulling from chilies, tamarind, turmeric, ginger, coriander, cumin, mustard seed, zests and others. They’ll balance spicy flavors with sweet ones, such as date syrup. Cheeses will feature bold flavors in the cheese itself or the addition of spice blends.


International breakfast varieties will gain popularity: examples include congee used as oatmeal, sorghum grain bowls and breakfast hash with hot skhug sauce. People will try heavier items and more aggressive textures, such as crunchy fried chicken, sriracha and coarse, whole-grain cereal. Delicious breakfast sandwiches will be served all day.


Traditional, respected recipes with great stories will inspire new ethnic dishes, such as Persian minestrone or Turkish manti fused with Italian bolognese. Japanese foods of many types will increase in popularity. Also growing are Filipino, Taiwanese, Laotian, Malaysian, Indonesian and African cuisines.

Food For All Occasions


Portable snacks will target one or more eating occasions: on the road, indulgence, afternoon energy, sharing, tea time, at the bar, post-workout and others. Snack cheese can answer many of these when paired with nuts, fruits or pretzels. As indulgence is the #1 driver of all snacking, emphasize high-quality, distinct flavors and pleasing textures.


Packaged food sales will be driven partly by added enhancements such as fruits and vegetables, protein, fiber, whole grain, chia seeds and ancient grains. Protein alone can increase sales of wholesome snacks, frozen entrees and appetizers and frozen pizza. Key desires behind this are relaxation, energy, detox and weight loss.


Packaged foods will combine categories and fulfill multiple needs; for example, a new cottage cheese product may be best defined as a portable, high-protein, clean label, organic snack, based on the needs of the shopper and the eating occasion. New packaging formats may create new categories.

Convenient Meals


Busy? Meal kits are improving. Frozen meals will have higher quality ingredients, less sodium and be better formulated to match the picture on the box much better. Products will feature the time needed for preparation and the time saved. Stores will offer pre-cooked deli ingredients or sides to combine with homemade dishes.


More products will focus on children. Their meals are increasingly healthful and gourmet, with whole grains and other parent-approved ingredients, because children now enjoy cooking and exploring new flavors. Convenience is important in this category, especially in innovative packaging for easy consumption.

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