Fermentation Technology

Advance Flavor Naturally

Have you ever wanted to move the sensory dial slightly to highlight certain flavor notes in your food items? With DairiConcepts’ new fermentation technology, now you can.

By adding fermentation technology to our dairy-based Amplifi® concentrated paste ingredients, we can offer complex yet well-balanced flavor notes that can be modified for flavor impact.

Because fermentation is nature’s way of generating delicious flavor attributes without chemical or synthetic additives, these ingredients are generally perceived as “clean” and can be labeled as all dairy.

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One-pound samples of new Amplifi® ingredients developed with our proprietary fermentation technologies are available to sample. Please provide all information required, and we will contact you promptly. We can also create fermented ingredients to meet your specific needs. For assistance, contact us at 1.877.596.4374 or email us.

Item Number Ingredient
920500652 Butter, Kosher

Amplifi® Bolder butter ingredient with natural flavor and real cream, butter and milk.

920500658 Cream

Amplifi® Boldest cream ingredient made with real cream, butter and milk.

920651001 Cheddar

Amplifi® Bolder Cheddar ingredient with natural flavor and real cheese and whey.

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