Our Philosophy

DairiConcepts is committed to maintaining a comprehensive sustainability program that…

  1. Promotes future generations’ well-being
  2. Supports our customers’ sustainability efforts

Our Economic, Social and Environmental platforms and practices are incorporated into how we operate each day.


We build lasting relationships with our customers through reliable, high-quality, safe products. Our eight manufacturing facilities are SQF Code Level 3-certified, the highest attainable food safety assurance level within the SQF code.

Working with our suppliers and customers, we are finding new ways to make our supply chain more sustainable. This creates long-term value for our shareholders and customers and stable employment for our work force.


Nearly 500 employees in eight locations rely on us for competitive wages, educational opportunities, trainings for accident-free workplaces and health care and retirement benefits. We ensure that they are also protected by all local, state and federal labor laws and regulations.

Encouraged to give back to their communities, our employees are involved in local sports teams, schools, civic groups and charities. By serving these organizations and directly helping families in need, they are improving their communities for the future.


To protect our environment, our manufacturing plants use energy-conserving technologies. We have programs in place to ensure energy and waste-reduction targets are met. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Solid waste reduction through recycling of selected materials
  • Energy reduction through the use of high-efficiency lighting, burners, motors and insulated equipment
  • Water conservation and wastewater reduction through plant system improvements
  • Fuel and transportation savings through freight consolidation
  • Emissions reduction through pursuing innovative technologies